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angeltype LLC
Since 2015
Los Angeles, California

ANGELtype is an online space for sharing our experimental takes on fashion clothing and accessories. All of our clothes are cut and sewn. We do not use blanks. Each clothing piece utilizes specific measurements and material choices to create an optimal fitting and looking garment for our customers. We use .925 sterling silver for a majority of our jewelry due to its natural patina and value as a precious metal. We strive to provide the utmost level of quality to our customers so that they may find use in our products for years to come.

The name "angeltype" is a play on Evangelion and the producer of Fate/stay:night. "Angel" from Evangelion's angels. "Type" from the beginning of TYPE-MOON. Our original url was using the hyphen from TYPE-MOON in reverse.

Our support team is available for any questions or concerns you may have.

LAST UPDATED 06 23 2024