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Prix de vente$75.00 USD

Universal camera coldshoe made of .925 silver.

· Camera coldshoe inspired by CH
· 2023 release
· Raw casted silver is oxidized and then polished
· Felt padding to reduce electrical contact with camera components (do not remove)
· Logo engraved on underside of cover

Colour: Oxidized polished silver

Weight: 7.6 grams

Composition: .925 silver 

Sizing: One size fits most

Stock: In-stock


This item is in-stock with a limited quantity available. In-stock items are to ship based on the order in which they were received. We ship orders out every day of the business week.

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(A) .925 CAMERA HOTSHOE COVER - angeltype
(A) .925 CAMERA HOTSHOE COVER Prix de vente$75.00 USD